When it comes to debugging, I know of an excellent, top-notch guide for general debugging tips, tricks, and techniques. It's "The Pocket Guide to Debugging" by Julia Evans, available at wizardzines.com. I think it's geared towards more junior devs but there are some expert-level techniques in there that I wasn't even aware of until I read it. I'd highly recommend checking it out, and all of Julia's work for that matter.

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I haven't always been a proponent of the "build first" mentality, but I agree with it wholeheartedly. Another way to put it might be "just do it". Or, as the Taoists would have it, "wei wu wei", which translates to "do 'not-doing'".

The latter may sound confusing, as a lot of the concepts in Taoism don't translate well. In my mind, "wei wu wei" generally means to act without attachment to outcome, to take action in accordance with your nature or instinct without pontificating endlessly about this or that choice or consequence. In that sense, I think it applies perfectly here.

I've been guilty of ignoring this principle at my own peril. As you know, I tend to pontificate and ruminate and navel-gaze quite a bit when it comes to getting things done, especially on new projects. I think tonight I'll do not-doing instead, and start my own newsletter.

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